Upper spine treatment and back pain relief

Upper Spine Treatment Treatment with Dr. Allen’s Device

Do You Want Relief From Upper Back Pain?

  • Do you want to prevent chest pain?
  • Do you want to naturally reduce upper spine pain?
  • Do you want to protect your upper vertebrae from shrinkage and, consequently, the ageing processes?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, Dr. Allen’s special upper spine treatment device will be able to help you.


Our device can help you to:

  • – improve blood circulation in the intervertebral disc
  • – treat degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs
  • – prevent upper vertebrae shrinkage
  • – recover from chest pain
  • – effectively fight against the aging
  • – promote longevity!

This is the first spine treatment that can prolong your life by preventing vertebrae shrinkage. The amazing healing effect of Dr Allen’s device for upper spine treatment keeps your upper vertebrae healthy, helps the heart and lungs to function properly and, moreover, slows the ageing process.

Dr Allen’s Device for upper spine treatment creates an ideal environment for the body’s fine capillaries to stabilize body temperature and improves blood flow in the upper spine.

As a result, the intervertebral discs receive sufficient nutrients and water, preventing shrinking of the upper vertebrae. These positive processes stop pain and discomfort in the upper back area, as well as in the chest.

Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device works at all times while covering the upper spine area, preventing vertebrae shrinkage and relieving discomfort and chest pain.

This unique device for natural upper spine treatment is available worldwide, which means it can now help treat the degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs, and can relieve discomfort in the back, thereby improving innervations of chest muscle and the vital organs of the thorax for individuals around the globe.

The cause of upper spine problems

Dr. Simon Allen created this unique, natural treatment for the upper back after penning the Origin of Health Diseases, which explains the real cause of the upper vertebrae issues. This discovery gave him insight into this common problem, including how to effectively treat it.

The Origin of Diseases shows that the physiological processes at the capillary level in the affected part of your upper spine become pathological, leading to the degenerative processes within the intervertebral discs. The improvement of these discs and the termination of the aging process can be achieved by locally increasing blood circulation.

How to use Dr. Allen’s device for upper spine treatment
Dr. Allen’s device for upper spine treatment is comfortable to wear and does not affect the day-to-day activities of its users.

It consists of two soft, natural vests, and two thermo-elements made of a special mix of natural materials specifically for the intervertebral discs.

The thermo-elements are placed into a white pouch, and are then inserted into the vest’s pockets and worn in accordance with the instructions. Never take the thermo-elements out of their white pouches.

Thousands of people across the world have benefited from the use of the device. 

We have been helping people for more than ten years. Below you can see the reviews of patients in 2012.


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