Frequently Asked Questions

Does Origin of Diseases explore the fact that chronic internal diseases are caused by the physiological processes of the body?

Yes, the book Origin of Diseases shows that the physiological processes at the capillary level in affected organs become pathological, ultimately developing disease. The only way to recover its health is through improved blood circulation, which forces the body to terminate negative local processes locally, and to foster healing.

Does it matter if I live in an especially hot or cold climate? Can your treatment help everyone?


The climate in which you live makes no difference on the Thermobalancing’s effectiveness. Your skin does a really good job at maintaining a constant internal body temperature. In fact, if a person’s temperature rises by only 2-3 degrees, they become ill; and if it drops by the same 2-3 degrees, they lose consciousness. Outside the US, we have customers from colder climates such as Canada and Sweden as well as from warmer climates, including Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. They all respond to the treatment positively.

Do belts, bandages or shirts hurt the treatment’s efficiency?

No. Each thermo-element is placed in a very specific area and belts, bandages or shirts cannot interfere in the healing processes. The warmed thermo-element almost become a part of the body, while working to improve blood circulation in surrounding capillaries and cleansing the overall area.

Is Thermobalancing an improvement over heat therapy?

Thermobalancing therapy is much different than common heating treatments, because these do not regulate localized temperature. Treatments with imposed heat can be damaging, because the high temperatures destroy delicate cells of the already stressed organ. For example, any temperature above 104 Fahrenheit (or 40C) can result in the death of the living organism. On the other side, low temperatures decrease cellular metabolism and, as a result, interfere with natural replenishment and healing.

Can Thermobalancing treat cancer?

We want to clarify that at this stage of development, the Thermobalancing therapy treats local organs only, and cancer may not always be a local problem. For example, chronic prostatitis is entirely a disease of the prostate, while prostate cancer may not remain an exclusively prostate condition as other organs and systems may become involved. Therefore, a substantial amount of research must be undertaken before this claim can be made.


How does Thermobalancing compare to alternative treatments?

Common complementary therapies, such as acupuncture and physiotherapy, may temporarily relieve symptoms from chronic disorders, but they cannot solve the problem because they don’t tackle the cause. As a result, diseases essentially remain untreated. Symptoms are relieved for only a short period of time, and usually reappear quickly once the therapeutic procedure is complete

Is Dr. Allen's Device comfortable to wear? Refund policy?

Absolutely. The device was designed with your comfort in mind, and is made of a soft material that provides maximum comfort throughout your treatment period. Your body heat may change the shape of the thermo-elements slightly, which can crack while adjusting to the contours of your body, which is perfectly fine, because the protective white pouch keeps the thermo-element in one piece. Please rest assured that the effectiveness of the treatment remains unchanged.

It must be noted that Dr. Allen’s devices are for personal use, and once removed from its packaging and placed on the body, cannot be refunded.

Is Dr. Allen's Device durable?

Yes, Dr. Allen’s device is designed to be worn over a prolonged period of time, and the thermo-elements retain their effectiveness for 1.5 years from the day of purchase. Please follow the instructions found in the “Looking after the Device” section, which are very simple to follow, and will help your device in top condition for the duration of your treatment. You can wash belt as the usual clothing. Whenever necessary, remember to take the thermo-element out of the belt before washing the belt (do not wash the thermo-element, it’ll ruin it). You can wash it in washing machine with other dark things but be accurate not to damage the lock.

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