Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment with Dr. Allen’s Device

Say Goodbye to Knee Pain

  • Do you want to get rid of chronic knee pain?
  • Do you wish to live your life without knee pain and avoid harmful drugs and surgeries?
  •  Do you have knee osteoarthritis?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, the knee osteoarthritis treatment with Dr. Allen’s therapeutic Device will be able to help you.

Knee pain and knee stiffness relief the user of Dr Allen’s Device gets within days without medications.

Dr. Allen’s special therapeutic knee treatment device helps to:
  • – get relief from knee pain
  • – improve knee nourishment
  • – get relief from stiffness in your knee
  • – promote normal knee function
  • – prevent osteoarthritis
  • – treat degenerative changes in your knees
  • – free from complications!

Knee osteoarthritis mainly occurs when cartilage tissue deteriorates due to aging. Knee problems are the most common kind of joint diseases, and the degenerative changes in cartilage and bone tissue occurs slowly over time.

Chronic Knee Pain Cause
Dr. Simon Allen’s research on The Origin of Diseases has found that the cause of chronic knee disease is as follows: As an individual ages, the knee bones thicken and cartilage tissue begins to lose moisture and shape, which decreases the available amount of protection.

As a result, the bones begin to move closer together, pressing on and slowly damaging nerves. In addition, the muscles around the knee become weakened, so functional limitations and stiffness develop as common symptoms. In order to restore this cartilage, the surrounding tissue reacts by increasing of the number of capillaries, causing it to swell. This swelling creates the pressure in the knee, and consequently, pain, stiffness and immobility.

The Origin of Diseases shows that the physiological processes at the capillary level in the affected knee become pathological, leading to degenerative changes in the joint, and ultimately osteoarthritis. Because of this, improvement of the knee’s condition and termination of the aging process can only be achieved only by increasing local blood circulation at the capillary level.

Dr. Allen’s Thermobalancing therapy is the only way to improve blood circulation in the affected knee at the capillary level, to bring nutrients to the knee structures, and to improve their condition. In addition, the therapy dramatically reduces swelling in the knees, thereby relieving any painful symptoms.

The Best Treatment For Knee Osteoarthritis
Dr. Allen’s device provides a natural treatment option for osteoarthritis. It is not battery powered, does not require any additional materials to be used, and consists only of a special knee brace and natural thermopads.

The thermopads will not expire during the course of your treatment, and will typically last 1.5 years. It is suggested that the device be worn underneath your clothing, but can be worn over clothing if it is made of thin cotton and fits your body tightly.  The natural thermopads are applied to both sides of the affected knee; two special strips with Velcro keep the thermopads attached to the knee, the space between strips gives air access to the skin, so it is easy to wear the device for a prolonged period of time.

Dr. Allen’s device for knee treatment is peerless, and works by maintaining normal body temperature in the knee. It does not heat or cool the area, as constant excess heat actually hinders the recovery process, and cooling the area slows down the metabolic processes in the affected cells. Contrary to other methods, New Dr. Allen’s device for knee treatment was specifically designed to create the optimal condition for your recovery.

How to use Dr. Allen’s device for recovery from a knee problem
Dr. Allen’s device for knee treatment has no adverse side effects. Patients simply have to wear a special bandage with the natural thermopads covering the knee from both sides.

The picture shows that the bandage is easy to adjust and does not impede movement. Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device helps relieve pain and discomfort at all times while covering the knee.Notable pain relief is typically experienced within the first days, which will become more pronounced over the course of the next several weeks. Gradual improvement of other symptoms will also occur over time.

A Dr. Allen’s unique device for knee treatment effectively relieves pain and stiffness, and it is now available worldwide. The device terminates swelling by maintaining a constant regional temperature, and relieves pain and stiffness by precisely treating the damaged knee structure.

Thousands of people across the world have benefited from the use of the device. So, why not you? 

We have been helping people for more than ten years. Below you can see the reviews of patients in 2012.

Soft bandages for knee pain treatment has been used by our customers for 10 years. People are accustomed and satisfied with this soft bandage, as it is easy to wear. However, 5 years ago, we decided to make the device more convenient from neoprene. Usually we send both bandages, so the client decides which one he likes to use in bed and which one during the day.


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