Motivated by the desire to improve the lives of people affected by chronic internal diseases, Fine Treatment was established by Dr. Simon Allen and Ariana Adjani to provide a new non-invasive treatment with Dr Allen’s Devices and Thermobalancing therapy, and advance sustainability in healthcare.

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Our proprietary Thermobalancing therapy is a self-governing treatment unique in its power to treat chronic internal diseases. Invented by Dr. Simon Allen, the exclusive therapeutic devices provide an extremely effective natural treatment for various internal chronic diseases. And best of all, the therapy is free from any side effects. Dr. Allen’s Devices help to improve the condition of the affected organs, support general health and well-being ultimately stimulating longevity.

Fine Treatment is a UK Department for International Trade (DIT) registered supplier of Dr Allen’s Devices to international buyers

The treatment outcomes have been discussed at various international conferences across the globe, including United Kingdom, Spain, China, Italy, and France. Doctors’ united opinion is that this safe and cost-effective solution for chronic internal conditions is very much needed today.

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Dr. Simon Allen: Short Biography

Dr Simon Allen, MD, is a highly experienced medical professional, with over 45 years of work experience in clinical medicine.

Dr. Allen obtained a PhD in Medicine in 1978. For over 14 years, he worked at a hospital’s cardio-vascular department and treated also patients with renal diseases. At the age of 33 he had authored more than 50 scientific articles on metabolic disorders, including those linked to obesity, kidneys, arthritis, cardio-vascular and gastroenterological diseases. Later he headed a clinic. He lectured medical doctors pursuing higher medical qualifications. He then devoted nearly two decades to further medical research into various chronic diseases.

Dr Allen is the author of The Origin of Diseases Theory and the inventor of the effective devices which enable the Thermobalancing therapy. He is a member of the ATA

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We offer outstanding, natural, cost-effective solutions for a range of wide-spread chronic health problems, for which no other conventional or complementary treatment works effectively. All mainstream attempts to treat chronic diseases are very costly, but ultimately fall far short of expectations.