The Origin of Diseases

An Explanation by Dr. Simon Allen

Previously thought to be unexplainable, the Origin of Diseases clarifies how various internal health diseases emerge and persist over time. This is a key finding on the road to discovering the path to longevity.

The processes of developing chronic internal conditions are as follows:
  • Capillaries, i.e. small blood vessels, in an organ of the body respond to different triggers (such as pain, infection, stress, etc.) by constricting.

  • This capillary constriction leads to the stressed tissue experiencing a deficient blood supply, causing a shortage of nutrients and lower regionalized body temperature.

  • The lowering of the temperature locally eventually becomes a new trigger.

  • In order to heat the stressed tissue, the body tries to increase blood flow and expands the capillary network (i.e. the number of capillaries in the affected organ, also known as angiogenesis), leading to excess tissue growth.

  • This excess tissue growth further increases the pressure inside the organ, and ultimately damages its ability to function properly.

In essence, the increased pressure inside the affected organ is the actual cause of its disease. This is exactly the physical factor responsible for the origination and perseverance of different chronic diseases.

Depending on the rigidness of an organ’s capsule, the pressure resulting from the tissue growth either leads to the enlargement of the organ, or to the eventual necrosis (death) of its tissue.

The Origin of Diseases shows that the physiological processes at the capillary level become pathological, and play a primary role in the ageing of organs, read more in the published medical article:

Achievements in the Life Sciences, (publisher Elsevier that is one of the world’s major providers of scientific, technical, and medical information), The Origin of Chronic Diseases Can Be in Capillary Pathology: Evidence From Clinical Trials on Thermobalancing Treatment of Prostate Reveals
,, (2016).

Essentially, the body kills itself. The only path to recovery is through improving blood circulation in the affected organ that can terminate these processes.

As Dr. Simon Allen has described, internal chronic diseases are caused by the localized lowering of temperature, which leads to the spontaneous growth of the capillary net. In essence, these extra capillaries become an additional tissue, which creates internal pressure within the affected organ, slowly causing it to malfunction and a become diseased. That’s it. So, this specific physical factor leads to the origin of diseases.

Billions of dollars are spent every year searching chemical factors, which some researchers believe may be responsible for chronic diseases. Unfortunately, the role of the physical factor has been completely overlooked. And as these new findings show, this physical factor is the actual cause of internal chronic diseases.

So while the diseases of various organs are different, they all have the same root cause. Depending on the stiffness of the organ’s capsule, the pressure resulting from the tissue’s growth either leads to the enlargement of the organ, like a tumour, or to the eventual necrosis (death) of its tissue, which can lead to a heart attack.

Now you can understand that while the diseases are different, they are all united by the same cause. And this discovery has enabled Dr. Allen to design a method to treat them in the same way. Thus, The Origin of Diseases has led to the creation of Thermobalancing therapy.
The Origin of Diseases explains unrelated medical conditions

Dr. Allen’s findings match existing empirical evidence, because it has been observed that an affected organ with a strong capsule tends to enlarge prior to necrosis. For instance, it is common that an examination after a heart attack reveals a left ventricular hypertrophy. This is the first symptom of hepatitis (i.e. enlargement of the liver), which consequently leads to cirrhosis (i.e. necrosis of the tissue). Patients with acute kidney failure tend to have swollen, enlarged kidneys, while chronic kidney failure causes the organ to wrinkle.

On the other hand, organ tissue that is not surrounded by a strong capsule continues to grow. This tissue growth leads to different kinds of tumor, as in cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

All these empirical observations can now be explained by The Origin of Diseases, a ground-breaking medical theory that shows the capillary growth and the resulting pressure inside the affected organ as common denominators of various long-lasting health conditions.

Treats them locally

One of the key implications of The Origin of Diseases is that the “local” approach is a better way to treat a variety of long-lasting medical conditions. As highlighted by Dr. Simon Allen, treatments are most effective when applied directly to the damaged area. So, the focus ought to shift from the treatment methods that affect the entire body, such as pills and infusions, to those that target the root cause of localized disorders.

And targets the cause

Another important implication of the Theory is that, in order for a local treatment to be effective, it must target the underlying causes of a disorder, not merely its symptoms.

Understanding The Origin of Diseases helps to reverse the ageing processes in organs locally and assist recovery

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When understanding The Origin of Diseases, people can understand that the mechanism of ageing is hidden in their own bodies. This discovery can help to pave the way to living a life full of quality and longevity – which can only be achieved by keeping organs healthy and stable.