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Fine Treatment is proud to have been making a difference to people’s lives since 2010. Our customers have been benefiting from our unique, non-invasive and side-effect-free treatment with Dr Allen’s Devices.

To date, we have received numerous positive comments and stories from people all around the world sharing their successful treatment outcomes.

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What Our Customers Say

Customer feedback highlights the importance of selecting our effective and totally safe treatment.

Customers confirm that Dr Allen’s Device will help you to stay healthy in the long-term.

Enrico F., 64, Italy

Enrico has given his permission to share this information, as he wants more men to benefit from our effective BPH treatment.

Enrico used Dr Allen’s Device for 8 months. While the documents are written in Italian, the information is clear. The size of his enlarged prostate gland measuring 75.9ml reduced to 41,0ml after 8 months of wearing Dr Allen’s Device. Ultrasound scan results, provided below, confirm it.

Diagnostic Report - 2011
Ultrasound - 2011
Diagnostic Report - 2013
Ultrasound - 2013
Ultrasound 2 - 2013
Ultrasound 3 - 2013
Ultrasound 4 - 2013

Charles O., 58, Spain

Charles has given his permission to share this information, as he is pleased with our treatment and wants more people to give it a try.

In July 2014, Charles wrote, “I am sending to you my prostatic ultrasound results before and after wearing Dr Allen prostatic device. I started to wear this amazing device since 14/01/2014, and all the bad horrible symptoms had gone. I’m feeling better every day, I now sleep fine at night, and very happy indeed. My special thanks to Dr Allen once more.”

14 January 2014
30 June 2014
Ultrasound - 7 June 2014

Positive treatment results have been observed in men with enlarged prostate (BPH/BPE), chronic prostatitis (CP/CPPS), and in women and men with kidney stones (KSD) and chronic low back pain (CLBP) with the use of Dr Allen’s Devices.

These treatment outcomes were confirmed in 4 clinical trials and 12-year long patient observations.

Our scientific publications are provided on the dedicated Medical Scientific Data page.