Dr Allen’s Devices: Overview

Live your life pain free with Dr Allen's Devices

Dr Allen’s Device is easy to apply and simple to use. All you have to do is place its thermoelement over the affected area of the body, and it will work around the clock to allow you to live your life pain free.

The patented Dr Allen’s Devices are uniquely designed to treat different internal health conditions, such as kidney stones, chronic prostatitis, benign prostate enlargement (BPE), upper and low back pain, knee pain, and coronary heart disease.

Scroll through the list of Dr Allen’s Devices, below, to find out more.


Dr. Allen’s Device for Lower Spine Treatment

Our Lower Vertebrae Care Device  will helps to relieve pain in that particular area of the spine. With its proprietary thermo-element, Dr. Allen’s Device treats degenerative changes in the invertebrate discs in the lower spine, which will help prevent the excessive use of painkillers and their side effects as well as the need for lower back surgeries.

Dr Allen’s Device for Prostate Enlargement (BPH) Treatment

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatment – Terminates prostate enlargement (BPH), and reduces the size of the prostate naturally. Dr Allen’s Device improves the condition of the prostate gland that helps to reverse BPH, improving potency and libido. It helps men to avoid prolonged courses of risky medications, prostate removal procedures and surgeries.

Dr. Allen’s Device for Sciatica Treatment

Lower Back Pain Care Device – Using two thermo-elements, the device relieves pain caused by sciatica on one or both sides of the spine. Dr. Allen’s Device treats the inflammation of the Sciatic nerve naturally, and helps the users to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and surgeries with their side effects and complications.

Dr. Allen’s Device for Coronary Heart Disease and Post Heart-Attack Treatment

  • Relieves angina (heart pain);
  • Dissolves coronary arterial plaque;
  • Strengthens the heart muscle and stops cardiosclerosis progression.

It helps to avoid potentially harmful coronary angioplasty and bypass surgeries.

Dr. Allen’s Device for Chronic Prostatitis Treatment

It aids in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) by relieving inflammation inside the prostate gland. Dr Allen’s Device terminates inflammation in the prostate gradually, ending sexual dysfunction and promoting enhanced sexual health. In addition, it helps to avoid damaging effects of long-term antibiotic use, as well as surgical intervention.

Dr. Allen’s Kidney Stones Dissolving Treatment

  • Dissolves renal calculi gently without discomfort;
  • Dissolves any type and size of kidney stones;
  • Treats kidney stones disease in both kidneys simultaneously.

Dr. Allen’s Device offers a safe, pain-free, and guaranteed treatment for symptoms of renal calculi, helping the users to avoid unnecessary damage from Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL), and other, more harmful kidney surgeries. The users will see small stones disappear within several months, big stones over 6 months.

Dr. Allen’s Device for Upper Spine Treatment

Dr. Allen’s device can be used to help reduce stiffness and discomfort as well as alleviate pain in the upper spine.  It also Improves the nutrition of intervertebral discs, which slows down or restores degenerative changes in the spine.  Consequently, it improves condition of chest muscle and thoracic organ stimulation, including the heart and lungs.

Dr. Allen’s Device for Knee Treatment

  • Relieves knee pain and other symptoms, such as stiffness and functional limitation;
  • Helps to treat osteoarthritis;
  • Restores normal function of the knee.

Dr. Allen’s Device for Treatment of Head and Brain

Can be used for Cerebrovascular disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, cerebral arteriosclerosis, recovering after stroke, headache, get rid of dizziness, fears, staggering and sleepiness, the appearance of forgetfulness, memory loss.


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