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Fine Treatment receives thankful letters and calls from people all around the world who have suffered with chronic health conditions from 6 months, up to a half-century. Some of the feedback we have received is found below. Read also about new clinical trial: Clinical trial confirms Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Chronic Prostatitis can be treated with Dr. Allen’s Device for Prostate Care.

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Joe, 61, BPH, Los Angeles, USA who when he received the device said: ‘I tried the belt on after a few adjustments and it feels great almost like it’s not on.’ Several weeks later he stated: “I have been using the device for a few weeks for my BPH and I am starting to feel better already. For the past few months I would have a lot of urges to void on the way to work. Today was so much better. Will continue to wear the device. Thanks.” October, 2012.

Stephen, 92, Berkeley, California, USA, BPH, has been wearing Dr. Allen’s device since 6 Jan 2012: “I was wearing the device as directed, and it is quite effective, and it is easy to use.” August, 2012.

Iamartino, 62, N. Delta, British Columbia, Canada, prostate enlargement, states: “I have suffered for about 20 years with BPH. Wear the device since March. Seems to be going fine. Thanks.” July, 2012.

George, 80, New Jersey, USA, lower back pain, has been using Dr Allen’s device since April 2012. He says: “I am eighty, very active and have enjoyed good health through most of my live. The back problem started about October 2001. I found it very painful to bend while working my garden. The results of a scan were Grade 2 anterolisthesis of L4 on L5. The only treatments recommended were painkillers and physiotherapy, but they don’t help. I have been wearing Dr. Allen’s device for 5 months, very easy to use one forgets one is wearing it. My opinion about the device is positive.” January, 2012.

Joanna, 30, Dallas, lower back pain: “Your device has really helped me to get rid of pain. I hate taking painkillers, they make me sick.” April, 2012.

Graham, 55, from Ontario, Canada, suffered from BPH for 5 years taking BPH drugs but symptoms were worsening, so he started wearing the device in February 2012. Slowly the symptoms began to ease and he wrote “I am taking medication every other day. I am feeling little better but not like that good yet. Hoping to get better the longer I wear it.” December, 2012.

Liana, 49, from New York, in May 2005 wrote: “According to my doctor my kidney stones measures 1.5 inches and it bothers me on and off.”In her next message in November she says, “I don’t feel my kidney any longer. I had blood in urine recently for 2 days but no pain. I think that last pieces of kidney stone left me.  I will check and let you know.”

Timo, 38, Finland, chronic Prostatitis, used to suffer for quite a long time with front side pains and few times a day painful peeing urgency. “I am depressed because no medication helps”, Timo had written before starting to use Dr Allen’s device; in 5 months of use, he has stated: “not a problem with the prostate condition at a moment, since June, so I am not wearing the device any longer”. July, 2012.

Leroy, 59, BPH, Dublin, Ireland, after wearing the device less than month says that he has started enjoy life again. The symptoms, including some pain and nasty discomfort, have gone away, but he promised to wear the device for next 1.5 years: “It is so easy to wear it, so I will try to get rid of BPH completely. I don’t want experience these disgusting symptoms again. Thanks.” October, 2012.

Edward, 73, London, UK, BPH, states: “I started wearing Dr. Allen’s device on 17 July 12 for 24 hours per day. Three days later my nocturia dropped from up to 7x per night to 3-4 with noticeably less urgency. Now after one month the daytime urgency is virtually gone. The nocturia still occurs 3-4 nightly, but I am sleeping much better and for longer periods in between waking. Thank you for a wonderful product. I have to remark that I was very sceptical before trying it.” August, 2012.

Johannes, 70, Netherlands: “My prostate gland enlarged enormously and its weight reached approximately 100 grams. I used to urinate 5-6 times during the night. Now it is only 1-2 times at night. Your device makes me feel better.” April, 2012

Miriam, 36, Manchester, UK, Sciatica: “Your device stopped the agonising sciatica without painkillers. Thanks, it is really fine treatment!” July, 2012.

Franciszek, 56, Poland, Chronic prostatitis, “My prostate problems are awful. If your product works for me I will tell everyone about it. I have had problems since my early 30s. I’m going on 56 years of age. Now it’s getting worse.” 5-months later: “I feel great; I cannot believe it’s true.” May, 2012.

Hansruedi, 68, Switzerland: “Having suffered of CPPS for almost a year and a half, I bought Dr. Allen’s device about a month ago and I am wearing it all the time. My pains went back from level 6 to level 3 by now, which is wonderful! I feel much better now and I am not thinking all the time of my sickness.” November, 2012.

Sampath, 50, Prostatitis, India was trying to get rid of chronic prostatitis with pills & other treatments unsuccessfully for 4 years. His symptoms were: frequency of urination, burning sensation while passing urine and the disgusting erectile dysfunction. After 3-months of using Dr. Allen’s device, most of the symptoms reduced to about 90% and 2 months later reached full recovery from chronic prostatitis. May, 2012.

Farya, 45, back pain in the lower spine, Iran: “I suffered from pain in my lower spine area for years. The herbal treatments did not help and tablets upset my stomach. Your device has reduced pain dramatically and I can sleep now. This is excellent!” February, 2012.

Nikhil, 46, kidney stones, India: “I had a stone in my right kidney, 5 mm in size. I used to be in pain all the time. I have been wearing your device for 4 months, and this stone has dissolved completely. I have no any pain now”. March, 2012.

Mohamed, 37, chronic prostatitis, Egypt: “My problem started with painful urination and later the erectile dysfunction appeared. I tried many treatments unsuccessfully. Only your device has really helped to reduce pain in the pelvic area”. May, 2012.

Ahmed, 54, Bahrain, BPH, has been wearing Dr Allen’s device for 3-months, states: “The pain during urination reduced, lower back pain is reduced, night I will wake up 1 or 2 times for urine; size of my prostate reduced from 56gram to 45 gram in three month time; it easy to use Dr. Allen’s device.” August, 2012

Anne, 67, Sydney, knee osteoarthritis, “I ‘m so I glad I had no surgery before I tried your device. After 2 days of wearing it pain reduced significantly during the night. Now, 3-months later I can walk without stick.” June, 2012.

Chee, 40, Singapore, kidney stones: “Having passed over 10 kidney stones in the last 10 years, I wish I could believe that your therapy is indeed effective.” After 6 –months of wearing the device: “I don’t feel my kidneys any more, great.” September, 2012.

Adegbola, 37, Nigeria: “I had pain in the abdomen and kidney stone in my left kidney between 7 mm and 1 cm depending on which doctor I talk to. After wearing Dr. Allen’s device for 6 months I am free of pain and kidney stone.”November, 2012.



Medical Reviews

Medical professionals from different countries have reviewed Thermobalancing therapy, and have written their opinions regarding Dr. Allen’s therapeutic devices. Some of them are presented below.

Treatment of chronic diseases through Dr. Allen’s Device: An interview with Professor Ivan G. Aghajanyan

The treatment of chronic health conditions with Dr. Allen’s Device has become a hot topic of online discussions in recent times. The effectiveness of this product in cases of serious diseases may seem incredible at first. However, this device has been available online for a while, and can be obtained by participating in a scientific research performed at the Mikaelian Institute of Surgery. So has interviewed Professor Ivan G. Aghajanyan, a leading urologist, Chief of Urology Department at the Armenian National Institute of Health, and Chief Urologist at the Mikaelian Institute of Surgery.

“Dr. Simon Allen has created The Origin of Diseases Theory based on his profound medical experience. It explains that chronic diseases are caused by the development of the capillary net, which grows so actively that becomes a separate tissue impeding arterial blood flow in the affected organ or area of the body.”

New Thermobalancing therapy for heart, prostate gland, kidney stones, and lower back pain

Dr. Allen’s Devices are becoming increasingly popular among sufferers with chronic health conditions as they provide essential BPH and chronic prostatitis treatment, dissolve kidney stones, relieve back pain and angina. In order to clarify some frequently asked questions about his invention, Dr. Simon Allen has given an interview to Hraparak, one of the leading newspapers in Armenia, on August 7th, 2013.

“Each device is designed so that it treats the organ affected by a disease. For dissolving kidney stones, two thermoelements are placed over the kidney area on the back. For the treatment of coronary heart disease, the thermoelement goes over the left ventricle of the heart. In case of prostate treatment, the thermoelement is pressed against the coccyx area.”

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Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Relief with Dr Allen’s Therapeutic Device

Not everyone is able or willing to take pain medication every day, and not everyone should undergo surgery for painful back conditions. These methods are expensive, and in some cases can even worsen the pain or exacerbate another health condition.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Simon Allen, his revolutionary device addresses all these concerns.

Ralph Saint-Phard, Medical Doctor, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, USA

Lower Back Pain Relief Simply Comes with Use of Dr. Allen’s Device without Resort to Risky Steroid Shots and Long-Term Drugs

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Then I started treating them with new Thermobalancing therapy for enlarged prostate. Results are far better and the desired result is achieved in very short time period, thus decreasing the burden of disease.

The new Thermobalancing therapy not only caters to your sexual life, it also helps prolong it by increasing the blood supply to the whole region.

Ahmad Raza, Medical Doctor

Physician in a tertiary care hospital located in Lahore, Pakistan

New Thermobalancing Therapy for Kidney Stones and Heart

It seems that Thermobalancing therapy is effective for treating several health conditions, including nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) and cardiovascular disease.

Thermobalancing therapy appears to be a relatively new alternative to treating this condition without complications. The device used to locally balance body temperature is able to dissolve stones without affecting the kidneys themselves, preventing the administration of medication to dissolve calculi, which come with their own side effects.

Dr Maria F. Vinueza, theNetherlands / Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr. Allen’s Device Protects Kidneys from Damages Caused by ESWL and Surgeries by Dissolving Renal Calculi Naturally and Is the Safest Therapy at National Kidney Month – June!

New Therapy for Enlarged Prostate

The Thermobalancing Therapy is a safe natural modality made by Dr. Simon Allen which can be used for the treatment of BPH at home and without any adverse effects. Patients who are using or have used Dr. Allen device will tell you that it is very easy to wear, and its unique design allows it to work constantly, 24 hours a day. I am confident to recommend it to my patients.

Dr. Mohamed S. Awad / Tanta University Hospitals, Egypt

Dr. Allen’s Device Ceases Prostate Enlargement Gently & Cost-Effectively, while New BPH Medications Are More Expensive and May Be Prescribed for Wrong Reasons

A concern over pharma companies paying doctors for prescribing medications was voiced by Aidan Lewis, in the BBC News, Washington. According to the article titled “Should drug firms make payments to doctors?,” “A recent study by three US economists found that a doctor receiving payments from a pharmaceutical firm was more than twice as likely to prescribe its drugs, compared to doctors receiving no payments.” Using data from more than 330,000 doctors and 12 pharmaceutical firms, it identified 58% as having received payments.

Most Cost Effective Sciatica Relief from Fine Treatment

Thermobalancing is a superior option over other treatments because it targets the physical factor responsible for back pain, unlike other treatments which simply mask the symptoms.

Thermobalancing therapy for sciatica is the most cost-effective treatment and has no noted side effects, which is why it should be encouraged as a superior lower back pain treatment.

Amber Liaqat

Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi

How does it cure Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and other prostate problems?

Before Dr. Allen’s Thermobalancing therapy device for Prostate Care was introduced, the BPH patient would just have to calmly accept the fact that it’s drugs, surgery or bust!

Doctors find it hard to accept this novel treatment of kidney stones removal because of its unfamiliarity, and their aversion to anything that is considered natural healing therapy.

Nino Ruel Alinsub, Medical Technologist
San Pedro College, Philippines

BPH Patients Must Be Warned of Medications’ Side Effects, Alarms Recent Study, While Dr. Allen’s Device Terminates Prostate Enlargement Naturally