Lower Spine Treatment

Lower spine treatment and back pain relief

Pain from degenerative disc disease is caused by a combination of instability in the motion segment of the vertebrae, as well as by osteoarthritis, which is inflammation caused by degenerated discs. Dr. Allen’s Device for lower vertebrae care creates an ideal environment for capillaries to stabilize the body’s temperature in the affected tissue around the lower spine. This leads to improved blood circulation, which alleviates inflammation that consequently reduces swelling and the pressure on the nerves.

The clinical trial to confirm the effectiveness of Thermobalancing therapy for patients with lower back and problems in the spine is in progress.

Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device works around the clock, while covering areas of pain, thereby terminates inflammation caused by osteoarthritis, eliminating swelling around intervertebral discs leading to pain relief and a recovery. It helps to avoid drug abuse and surgical procedures.

Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device provides pain relief in the spine naturally. It has one natural thermoelement to treat degenerated discs in the spine whereas the device for sciatica relief has 2(two) treatments, as sciatica often spreads pain to both sides of the body.

Thermobalancing therapy is much different than common heating treatments, because these do not regulate localized temperature. Treatments with imposed heat can be damaging, because the high temperatures destroy delicate cells of the already stressed organ. For example, any temperature above 104 Fahrenheit (or 40C) can result in the death of the living organism. On the other side, low temperatures decrease cellular metabolism and, as a result, interfere with natural replenishment and healing.

It must be noted that Dr Allen’s devices are for personal use, and once removed from its packaging and place on the body, cannot be refunded. The buyer is responsible for return postage costs.